Does the weather change your affection towards your loved ones? Are you more affectionate in the springtime, summer, winter or autumn? Is physical intimacy encouraged by colder climates? Cuddles and warmth in bed, under the covers, when it is chilly outside, are these factors in intimacy?  Research in the northern hemisphere showed more men wanting affection in the wintertime more often in the colder weather. Love and the weather, we link them in song and literature. Love and the weather, we talk about feeling hot and cold toward our partners at various times. Temperatures rise inside and outside our bodies. Hot and cool can both be sexy.

Winter is Good for You

Traditionally, we are told that the springtime is nature’s most amorous season. Birds and the bees and all that fossicking about inside flowers. Buds burst forth into flower and the land wakes up after its long cold sleep. However, we human beings have left our animal identities on the shelf eons ago. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (I love those catchy titles) reports that testosterone levels increase in cooler weather and bottomed out on hot days. Winter is, apparently good for you. Winter affection can blow away the gloomy funk of winter’s melancholia.

When Something You Enjoy is Actually Good for You

One must consider that a bonus, I suppose, when something you enjoy doing is actually good for your health as well. Birds of a feather flock together, so the saying goes, which in this case put nature in the pro affection camp and millennia of repressive Christianity in the dysfunctional and warped behaviour camp. We must all make adjustments, when the evidence determines our misguided approach to life has let the community and ourselves down.

Love is Designed to Propagate the Species

Love and the weather. Is it all much ado about nothing, I hear you say? Love is really a behavioural response to the chemical processes involved in attraction and sexuality, which are designed to propagate the species. The great poets were all misguided troubadours, who, basically, missed the point. Love and the weather is like the moon and its influence over the Earth’s tides. Gravity my friend is no laughing matter. Shakespeare might have been arguing the point in his sonnets, but iambic pentameter is no answer to hormones and DNA.