I first heard about seasonal people when I was exposed to something called Colour Therapy. Women were holding up swatches of coloured fabric to my face to determine whether I was a winter, spring, summer or autumn person. Although sceptical at first I did start to see that certain complexions suited particular tones and colours, more than others. Bolder, more dramatic, colours like scarlet, black and cobalt blue were the winter colours. Whereas richer golds, olives, russets and browns were in the autumnal register. Softer baby blues, pale lemons and pinks were in the key of spring. My own colours were the greys, navy blues and maroons of summer. Seasonal people: do they really exist?

Are There Really Winter People?

Do these colour matches extend to personality characteristics? Are there really winter people? Are these folks bolder and more dramatic kinds of people? Do winter people wear red and black? There is a Hollywood movie entitled Winter People. The main protagonists in this tale are passionate people and, perhaps, the choice of title bears this whole concept out. The winter is a dramatic season, especially in the northern hemisphere. The extreme cold, ice and snow, and, even, the heavy rains in the south, bear this out.

Winter Lovers Come Together Like Ice Kings & Queens

Are winter people carved out of ice, until they boldly break out? Passion builds inside of them like the heat within the snow, so cold it can burn the skin. Winter lovers come together like ice kings and queens, with lips so blue. Seizing the opportunity to fan the flames. Love and lust can explode out of them like freak weather storms. Precipitation is always on the cards and cold winds can blow. The White Walkers roam beyond the wall in the north of George RR Martin’s imagination. Loki lives in the cold wastelands of Asgard and is the catalyst of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. Doing the right thing is not part of his destiny.

Do You Consider Yourself a Winter Person?

Do you consider yourself a winter person? Are you frosty at times, but underneath hide a passionate volcano of lust? Are you Jack or Jill Frost? A younger version of Old Man Winter? Anthropomorphising winter is a chilly business and the Russians make a habit of it. Those colder climate cultures are full of 999 names for snow. We in the warmer southern climes are more attuned to the hot beating sun. How do winter people fare in the furnace like Australian summers? Do they hide in air-conditioned interiors, waiting out the seasonal cycles?